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"It's hard to become what you can't imagine."

She is not your typical rocket scientist.

What's her day job? Making the impossible, possible - she's sending a woman to the moon.

Monica Lee is a dynamic speaker who tackles fear with confidence and grace.

The sky was never her limit, she'll take your audience to another galaxy small step at a time.



Transform, inspire, and motivate your audience


Dive deep into concepts, tailor-made to your team

virtual events

Engage, connect and relate with key concepts


Create space for an open, vulnerable discussion


Monica creates an experience that
transforms, inspires, and motivates. Every keynote is tailor-made for the audience and occasion.


She leverages scientific theories

to simplify and deepen the understanding of fundamental human concepts.

"Stop waiting for the moment of perfection. Now is your time."

Kelly Haydu
Car Gurus

Everyone felt your energy and it has sparked many side conversations across the organization. People are sharing opportunities to mentor others and different ways they can give back to the community at large.

This is more than we could have ever hoped for.

Roxann L. Marroquin,

MD Anderson Cancer Center

"You are amazing and everything you said was so inspiring. If we attended this event in person, I would have given you a standing ovation. I was moved by your words – your entire speech actually."

Nyma A. Shah,

SVP, Business Development

"In 20 minutes you delivered more than I could have asked for.

I so appreciate your efforts to move the needle when it comes to diversity and inclusion.


You truly are making such a difference."

Recent Events

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